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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
Description:This is a OS4 version of the popular firefox webbrowser originally made by the mozilla organisation.

Information can be found here:

Issues:64 open (143 total)

 Recently commented issuesRSS
Window issue (black part) on subwindow  New  1  
Sometimes crash at exit  In Progress  5  
Bookmarks don't work at all (on SFS/0 anyway)  New  2  
Saving Bookmarks  New  1  
opening Timberwolf after booting A1  New  1  
Some 'alt' key issues  New  2  
Login not consistently possible and soon system freeze  Closed  1  
can not read the old bookmarks  Fixed  3  
Pick file on ImageShack portal are not showed  New  3  
loading pages takes forever :-/  Fixed  3  
Timberwolf help  New  1  
files locked by another application?  Fixed  2  
Bad refresh on resizible subwindows  New  8  
Crash on ahi.device at the end of the audio stream  New  1  
Writing in other than english language doesn't work  New  5  
Timberwolf help  New  1  
program fonts too large  Fixed  6  
CPU -Load is always at 100%  In Progress  2  
PDF reading on-the-fly produces unknown error and locks up  Fixed  2  
Splash screen never gone at first start  Open  1  
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