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Title:Compare two dirs for different files, with GUI
Created:20081104 15:28 by orgin
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
42  Bug  Crash each time on comparison after a WB launch  Major  Fixed  20081105 09:18  (abalaban)  In V1.6  1  
43  Bug  Filter buttons don't work  Minor  Closed  20081105 23:10  (abalaban)  Implemented in 1.4  0  
46  Bug  System crash after a click on list header  Major  Closed Fixed  20090320 20:27  (abalaban)  Implemented in V1.5  0  
48  Suggestion  show number of hits  Medium  Closed Fixed  20090320 20:26  (abalaban)  Implemented in V1.5  1  
49  Suggestion  directory selector stays open when going on  Minor  Open  20081111 20:37  (MichaelMerkel)    1  
50  Suggestion  clicking on a file -> navigate?  Minor  Closed Fixed  20220115 17:10  (abalaban)  Implemented in V1.11  1  
591  Suggestion  GUI - Change option NoSubDir to positive way  Minor  Closed  20220115 17:08  (abalaban)  Implemented in V1. 7  0  
592  Suggestion  Option to ignore icon files  Medium  New  20101219 15:48  (abalaban)    0  
871  Suggestion  switch to ignore difference in date/time  Medium  New  20140119 18:14  (ggw)    0  
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