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Title:FTPMount - mount ftp sites as regular directories
Created:20090430 10:42 by orgin
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
161  Bug  ftpmount mkdir crash  Medium  Open  20090514 23:06  (orgin)    3  
162  Suggestion  Expose predefined sites as directories in ftp:  Medium  Open  20090515 18:37  (orgin)    2  
163  Bug  multiview crash  Medium  Open  20090515 20:22  (orgin)    0  
164  Suggestion  Remove "connection ok" requester  Major  Open  20090516 12:50  (orgin)    3  
165  Suggestion  Add new options for arbitrary sites  Major  Open  20090516 12:57  (orgin)    1  
178  Bug  Not 64bit aware  Major  Fixed  20090530 19:14  (orgin)  In v1.6  1  
225  Suggestion  a Lock() on a ftp host root should not cause a connection  Minor  Open  20090618 18:26  (abalaban)    0  
231  Suggestion  File Permisions On The FTP Server  Medium  Open  20090621 13:20  (broadblues)    1  
246  Suggestion  Partial file system notification support  Medium  New  20090715 23:19  (orgin)    0  
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