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Title:CodeBench - Development Management Environment
Created:20090213 13:59 by Rigo
Description:CodeBench is a Development Management Environment specifically designed to run on AmigaOS 4.1 and later.

Issues:6 open (22 total)

 Recently commented issuesRSS
LockAhead,horizontal scrolling and cursor hidden  Closed Fixed  2  
Gream Reaper when trying to open an empty file  In Progress  2  
Scope jumps  Closed  1  
Scope hide/show  In Progress  1  
Editor doesn't keep focus  Closed  2  
Wrong file requester title  Closed Fixed  1  
Block intendation  Fixed  1  
Tab conversion  Fixed  1  
Undo doesn't mark stored file as edited  Fixed  1  
Move prject --> crash.  Closed Fixed  2  
File 'edited' indicator disappears  Fixed  2  
Get file modified externally requesters when saving  Closed  4  
Add the ability to use the editor without creating a project  Open  1  
Make "CodeBench ToolBar" active window at startup  Fixed  3  
Search window not initialized properly  Fixed  4  
CodeBench changes protection bits  Fixed  1  
C&P lockup  Fixed  2  
Remember last opened project  Closed  1  
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