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Title:Universal Bootloader
Created:20080927 10:30 by orgin
Description:U-Boot is an open source bootloader available for a wide range of embedded processor architectures.

U-Boot provides out-of-the-box support for hundreds of embedded boards and a wide variety of CPUs including PowerPC, ARM, XScale, MIPS, Coldfire, NIOS, Microblaze, and x86.

This bugs.os4depot.net software entry is aimed at the U-Boot used in AmigaOS4.x enabled devices such as the A1-series or SAM.
Issues:25 open (27 total)

 Recently commented issuesRSS
uboot AmigaOneG3SE sources do not compile in Denx ELDK kit  New  1  
PCI-Express bridge/switch scanning  New  2  
Catweasel Mk3 keyboard doesn't work if set as default  Open  1  
PS/2 Keyboard init  Fixed  1  
Wireless USB keyboards might not be recognized.  New  1  
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