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Title:EasyUAE - GUI for E-UAE 0.8.29+
Created:20100104 11:56 by orgin
Description:EasyUAE is the OS4 native ReAction GUI directly integrated in E-UAE 0.8.29+. It provides easy access to all configuration options of E-UAE.

Note well: This bugtracker is only for issues directly related to the EasyUAE GUI and *not* E-UAE itself.
Issues:7 open (17 total)

 Recently commented issuesRSS
Crash when closing program  Fixed  1  
Fullscreen doesn't work  New  5  
Spawn debug window by default with Unknown Window Events  Fixed  1  
ReadOnly off (for "rw") mark does not works for AddDrawer.  Fixed  1  
Erased Hardware settings when press Save in that HW settings  Fixed  1  
Lockup of all the system when run second time  Fixed  8  
"Save" suggestion  Closed  1  
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