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 Issues created by xenic
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
248  Bug  Origyn Web Browser  Medium  Closed Fixed  20090721 08:53  (xenic)  Fixed in 3.16  2  
359  Bug  Scrollbar malfunction  Minor  New  20091228 01:30  (xenic)    0  
639  Bug  DL file requester opens on wrong screen  Minor  Closed Fixed  20111016 20:11  (xenic)  fixed in mui, thanks to Thore  0  
640  Bug  Conflicting port names  Minor  Closed  20111016 20:17  (xenic)  Kind of fixed, see comment  1  
748  Bug  Opening a local file causes GUI errors  Minor  Open  20120414 16:19  (xenic)    1  
888  Bug  Disabling video and audio loading/playing  Minor  New  20140510 19:29  (xenic)    0  
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