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 Issues created by ZeroG
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
47  Bug  Impossible to enter birthdate  Minor  Closed  20081110 01:33  (joerg)    8  
254  Bug  Crash when clinking on play  Minor  Fixed  20090817 01:33  (bean)  Testing against internal 0.90 version  0  
300  Bug  Memory loss under OS4.0 final+July / microA1  Minor  New  20091111 18:03  (ZeroG)    0  
379  Bug  crash when saving default configuration  Minor  Fixed  20100104 13:02  (ZeroG)  Fixed in 1.3  0  
498  Suggestion  Security Hole: Frame spoofing does work with OWB  Major  Closed Fixed  20100525 18:41  (ZeroG)  Fixed in 3.28  0  
613  Bug  crash when working with Project window  Major  New  20110910 08:51  (ZeroG)    0  
898  Bug  Crash when editor font is missing  Medium  New  20150103 12:03  (ZeroG)    0  
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