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 Issues created by ChrisH
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
433  Bug  OWB crashes when you close a tab while loading another tab  Medium  Closed  20100325 10:27  (ChrisH)  Duplicate of #428  0  
434  Bug  Bookmark only opens page on the tab that was originally open  Minor  Closed  20100325 10:37  (ChrisH)    1  
435  Bug  The -G parameter causes the ARexx port to be disabled  Medium  New  20100325 10:44  (ChrisH)    0  
436  Bug  Secondary config file (-f) isn't shown in GUI nor saved to  Medium  New  20100325 10:46  (ChrisH)    0  
499  Bug  Google Docs menus/buttons stop responding  Major  Closed Fixed  20100526 10:38  (ChrisH)  Fixed in 3.28  1  
564  Bug  OS4 repeatably locks-up with Reload/Home button  Medium  Fixed  20100815 23:38  (ChrisH)    0  
565  Bug  OWB window disappears on certain sites  Major  Fixed  20100823 22:30  (ChrisH)    1  
724  Bug  Importing HTML Bookmarks does not work  Medium  Open  20120330 11:50  (ChrisH)    1  
742  Bug  State of GUI elements not being updated until change tab  Medium  Fixed  20120413 19:07  (ChrisH)  fixed in rc2  5  
743  Bug  Clicking menu bookmarks is blocked by the pop-up URL bubble  Medium  In Progress  20120413 19:14  (ChrisH)    1  
744  Bug  Cannot right-click on items in the Bookmarks Menu  Minor  Fixed  20120413 19:19  (ChrisH)  fixed in rc1  0  
745  Bug  (Show All) Bookmarks window is not resizable  Minor  Fixed  20120413 19:22  (ChrisH)  fixed in rc1  1  
822  Bug  URLOPEN arexx cmd does not work  Medium  Closed  20120828 11:58  (ChrisH)  It works, check comments to report  3  
825  Bug  Bookmarks don't work at all (on SFS/0 anyway)  Major  New  20120906 19:31  (ChrisH)    2  
851  Bug  A clean install of Timberwolf doesn't work (missing files)  Major  New  20131110 11:38  (ChrisH)    0  
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