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 Issues created by Cyborg
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IssueID  Type  Title  Severity  Status  Status Date  Status Comment  Comments  
347  Bug  Add warning requester if file exists in download destination  Major  Closed Fixed  20091218 11:34  (Cyborg)  Fixed in 3.22  3  
404  Bug  Back/Reload context menu popping up on every new PayPal page  Minor  Closed  20100121 09:13  (Cyborg)    3  
568  Suggestion  Save volume setting  Minor  New  20100828 16:59  (Cyborg)    0  
629  Bug  HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE not Locale agnostic nor configurable  Medium  Closed Fixed  20110927 09:12  (Cyborg)  fixed  1  
630  Suggestion  Support for extended mouse buttons  Minor  New  20110927 09:18  (Cyborg)    1  
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