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Software can be registered on the site by contacting one of the moderators. Either use the contact form or find a moderator in the members list.

Do not request to add a software unless you are the author/porter of the software or if you are doing it with the consent of the author/porter. OS4Depot will not manage the software and issues that get registered here, that's a job for the software/porter to do. Registering a software without the consent of the author/porter is therefore pointless.

Once a software is registered a User* can be assigned to it and (s)he will be able to administrate all details surrounding the registered software.

* Site Moderators and Admins can also administrate Software

Registered users can add issues to the software registered at the site. An issue acts as a change request for the software and can be of two types:
Bug- a flaw has been found in the software
Suggestion    - the user makes a feature request of some kind

Each issue is marked with a severity flag:

During the lifetime of an issue its status will change:
New- A user has just registered this issue
Open- Someone is taking an initial look at the issue
In Progress- Someone is actually working on resolving the issue
Fixed- The issue has been fixed, but not yet been released
Closed- The issue has been rejected
Closed Fixed    - The issue has been fixed and released

To softly enforce a certain work flow there's a certain rule set for what status you can progress to from the current status.

New-> Open
Open -> In progress, Fixed or Closed
In Progress -> Open, Fixed or Closed
Fixed -> Open or Closed Fixed
Closed -> Open
Closed Fixed     -> Open

Only these persons can change the details of an issue once it is registered:
    Site moderators and Admins
The User assigned to the software the issue is related to
The User assigned to the issue

A status comment can be set that describes what is currently happening to the issue.

Each issue also has a non public note book where the assigned user can enter progress details and such.

Users can post comments to each issue.
Only a Site moderator or Admin is able to moderate comments.
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