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Title:Network browser based on WebKit core with GUI based on MUI.
Created:20110905 17:54 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Crash at exit
Description:Odyssey sometimes crashs at exit.
I doesn't occurs systematically and can't be reproduced.

Crash log for task "OWB"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.16
Crash occured in module clipboard.device at address 0x7B398DF8
Type of crash: DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) exception

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x7B398DF8 belongs to module "clipboard.device" (HUNK/Kickstart)

Stack trace:
module DEVS:clipboard.device at 0x7B398DF8 (section 4 @ 0x1DD4)
native kernel module kernel+0x00023750
native kernel module ramlib.kmod+0x0000150c
_Z22removeClipboardMonitorv()+0x98 (section 1 @ 0x571D4)
_ZL16handleOM_DISPOSEP6IClassPmP5opSet()+0x1d8 (section 1 @ 0x9194)
_ZL8dispatchP6IClassPmP4_Msg()+0x298 (section 1 @ 0xE578)
CustomClassDispatcher()+0xa0 (section 1 @ 0x417C)
native kernel module intuition.library.kmod+0x0001824c
native kernel module intuition.library.kmod+0x00018470
native kernel module intuition.library.kmod+0x00008448
MUI_DisposeObject()+0x44 (section 1 @ 0x4064)
libstub_MUI_DisposeObject()+0x14 (section 1 @ 0x1A8)
_Z19destroy_applicationv()+0x4c (section 1 @ 0x738)
main()+0xb0 (section 1 @ 0xFD8)
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x000020a4
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002d0c
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002ee8
_start()+0x170 (section 1 @ 0x16C)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x00024f18
native kernel module kernel+0x00042514
native kernel module kernel+0x00042594

I have 2 full crashlogs at disposition.
Created:20140106 07:51 by zzd10h
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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