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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Fails with android app airdroid
Version:4.01 RC3
Description:Timberwolf logs in and connects to the airdroid app (android 4.1 and samsung S3). It goes to 100% but then just stays like that and never goes into the android layout. It however works with mui-owb under amigaos4.1.5 on x1000.

The app is working like "kies air" for samsung smartphones but doesnt need java/flash. Kies air is working on both mui-owb and timberwolf. But as said some functions needs flash/java. But anyway this bug is not about kies air but about using timberwolf together with "airdroid" app.

You can find more info on the app here if interested.

Created:20121020 00:37 by kicko
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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