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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Timberwolf window is too big for the screen
Description:I just downloaded the latest version of Timberwolf (released on 05.09.2012) and installed it to a clean directory according to the instructions. I have a 1024x768 display. When I run Timberwolf, it opens on the Workbench but the Timberwolf window is larger than the screen! It looks like it is opening a window that is about 1024x850 pixels in size, so the bottom of the window is off the bottom of the screen.

Resizing with the zoom button doesn't help - it resizes but the bottom of the window is still off the bottom of the screen. I can't resize with the resize gadget because of course I can't get to it! Please see these screenshots:


One is zoomed and the other isn't. Previous versions of Timberwolf didn't do this. Maybe there is now a minimum window size but you don't notice it on your development machine as it his higher resolution than my old AmigaOne! :-)
Created:20121017 20:25 by colinward
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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