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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Bookmarks don't work at all (on SFS/0 anyway)
Description:Using a clean install of Timberwolf RC3 on my system (i.e. a new profile), after starting for the first time the Bookmarks were completely empty (usually there would be some default entries), and added bookmarks did not appear. After quitting & restarting Timberwolf, the Bookmarks was still totally empty.

Timberwolf is installed on an SFS/0 partition on my X1000. Previously, RC1 worked fine, and RC2 worked OK after I had replaced the known-problematic SObjs. As I can't use Timberwolf without bookmarks, I am going back to RC2.
Created:20120906 19:31 by ChrisH
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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