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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:In ProgressStatus Comment:
Title:Windows creation (Automatic auto-allineament issue)
Description:After the introduction of a proper fix for the "off screen windows creation" (issue 732) all goes better and TW looks a lot more elegant and native, however still another annoying related issue that would be great if it can be fixed aswell at some point

When you open the main Timberwolf window (or even a related subwindow of it) that window/s will be opened on a certain Workbench's position and then they will be allineated again. (so in two step!)

So, first we have the window creation (when a window is normally opened and showed on screen) and then this strange auto-allineament of that (already opened) window/s on the screen, similar to an auto centric method

I think it would be a lot better to just avoid this second auto-allineament or almost don't show this graphical effect to the user when a window/subwindow will be opened :-)
Created:20120415 09:49 by samo79
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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