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Title:Universal Bootloader
Created:20080927 10:30 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Inconsitency of periods at end of help text lines
Version:1.1.1 (Mar 3 2005)
Description:In the main menu the item "Default/Fix Settings" has a period at the end of its help text as does within the item "Memory" in "Use Memory Limit" and within "PCI/AGP" in the item "AGP Speed".
I think it should either be that every line has a period or none, otherwise it "feels" not right.
Created:20081008 12:22 by Raziel
Assigned:19700101 01:00 to
Fixed:19700101 01:00 by
Closed:19700101 01:00 by
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