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Title:CodeBench - Development Management Environment
Created:20090213 13:59 by Rigo
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:I'm changing this to Fixed as I haven't heard any more repor
Title:Move prject --> crash.
Version:0.8 (2009-01-02)
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RigoMove prject --> crash.20090302 20:33
Well, admittedly it shouldn't crash, but technically moving a project screws up the path to the files within it. I shall add some code that verifies the project path is still valid, and if not use the path that the project file was loaded from. That should allow the user to move projects around on disk without causing problems. Of course, that is based on the idea they move the files too :)

RigoMove prject --> crash.20090731 01:22
I have included some code in 0.9 that checks the path of the project against the stored project directory. This should hopefully allow moving projects about and still have them working. That relies on the fact that the project files are moved to, obviously.
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