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Title:MPlayer with MUI-GUI
Created:20111031 13:32 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Middle mouse button is now broken since beta 9
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samo79Issue20140528 20:39
Related to this issue, it also crash if you drop a new file once the previews one was ended (finished to play)

Stack trace:
control()+0x1cc (section 1 @ 0x4446C)
config_video_out()+0x88 (section 1 @ 0x184DC)
config()+0x1d0 (section 1 @ 0xA9034)
vf_config_wrapper()+0x98 (section 1 @ 0x7FAF8)
config()+0x104 (section 1 @ 0x16FF20)
vf_config_wrapper()+0x98 (section 1 @ 0x7FAF8)
mpcodecs_config_vo()+0x624 (section 1 @ 0x7DB88)
init_vo()+0x180 (section 1 @ 0x16CC4C)
get_buffer()+0xa0 (section 1 @ 0x16D608)
ff_alloc_picture()+0x42c (section 1 @ 0x374F68)
MPV_frame_start()+0x51c (section 1 @ 0x3755C4)
ff_h263_decode_frame()+0x984 (section 1 @ 0x2E4A18)
avcodec_decode_video2()+0xa8 (section 1 @ 0x4034A4)
decode()+0x168 (section 1 @ 0x16CEB0)
decode_video()+0x78 (section 1 @ 0x79D8C)
update_video()+0x8b4 (section 1 @ 0xAEB8)
main()+0x3124 (section 1 @ 0x106C4)
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x000020ac
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002d5c
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002ef0
_start()+0x170 (section 1 @ 0x16C)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x00024cd0
native kernel module kernel+0x0003b4b0
native kernel module kernel+0x0003b530
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