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Title:Network browser based on WebKit core with GUI based on MUI.
Created:20110905 17:54 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Crash at exit
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kas1ecan't reproduce20140106 16:49
As crash seems happens on uninstal clipboard-monitor hook, my guess its some software in parallel which can cause problem for clipboard hooking functionality (like maybe some heavy qt port or so). Or something with clipboard.device on HW where you test it. Its x1000 ?

Will be nice if you can reproduce it somehow , without any other apps in system, just hard reboot and odyssey only. As well as all crashlogs will be good, with registers info and co.
zzd10hclipboard.device20140106 23:28
I have uploaded 2 similar crashlog.

You can see that it occurs on X1000 and that no others big programs are running (except dockies)

Hard to reproduce but I'm sure that it didn't occured with OWB 1.9.
kas1eRe: clipboard.device20140108 12:13

> I have uploaded 2 similar crashlog.

Where ? Can you just put the here in full (in comment maybe?)

> Hard to reproduce but I'm sure that it didn't occured with OWB 1.9.

Clipboard monitor hook was added after 1.9, and its something new in compare with 1.9, so new bugs-new problems possible. But till i can't reproduce it here, its hard to start to where to look :(
zzd10hCrashlogs20140108 22:06

i see my crashlogs by selecting "View files" button.

When clicking in "Crash at exit" bug report title
I have a "[View files]" button, left of "+Add Comment" button

And in View files window, I see my 2 crashlogs.
Say me if you have a problem to see it, I will send you by mail.

kas1eRe: Crashlogs20140109 13:40

Right, thank, now i see them.
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