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Title:Network browser based on WebKit core with GUI based on MUI.
Created:20110905 17:54 by orgin
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Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Crash on bsdsocket.library (pthread id 126)
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kas1ecan't reproduce20140106 16:54
Can't reproduce it here.

But please, be 10000% sure that its not some mixture of your tests like old owb binary. Try after hard reboot and co, try to check if it can be reproduced all the time somewhere and be sure its all new version installed as should.
samo79Re: can't reproduce20140107 23:51

I completely erased the old 1.9 once i've installed the new 1.16 so i don't think it's related...
But sure even if i had that problem almost twice the issue isn't so easy to reproduce ..

I will look if i can found a way ...
kas1eRe: can't reproduce20140108 12:15

Maybe somehow bsdsocket.library still jerky about dns functions (but then, the same problem should happens with ra-owb too, as curl changes identical). All in all when Olaf will done with new bsdsocket.library it will be fixed
samo79Re: can't reproduce20140122 16:37

After some weeks of deep testing i conclude that this type of crash is mostly related to the video streaming using OWB 1.16, and mostly reproducible if you try to stream a very long video (20 minutes or so)

For streaming my video in OWB prefs i set this --> c:getvideo "%l" play

Keep note that the same problem happen with AmiYouP script and its related streaming site

So probably the issue is not strictly related to OWB but in a way or anothed is related to the bsdsocket + the latest LibCURL used in OWB 1.16 ..

No problem with MUI OWB 1.9

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