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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
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Status:ClosedStatus Comment:
Title:OWB losing Cookie information
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joergOWB losing Cookie information20090216 00:09
I can't reproduce the problem, it's working here with OWB 3.6, with and without COOKIE tooltype.
Which filesystem are you using for the Cache: partition, and which hardware do you have?
RazielRe: OWB losing Cookie information20090216 07:53

Yes, problem gone, seems it didn't like my old cookie file on the first run?

Working pretty now

Sorry for the inconveniance
MichaelMerkel3.7 -> same problem here20090224 21:33

i have the same problem.
on amigaworld.net i am not automatically logged in. works fine on amigans.net.
i deleted my cookiecollection to check if it is a problem with it. but still no luck.
- i go to amigaworld.net - name and password are empty
- i enter name+password and log in.
- i go to my account edit it and set the cookie flag to store it.
- i quit owb and restart it. going to amigaworld.net gives me again empty user+pswd fields.


using os4.1 on an amigaone xe. the partition is using sfs2.

thanks and regards
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