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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Title:Some 'alt' key issues
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tfrieden-20120824 12:54
A few remarks:

Alt keys are not the same. The left Alt key is "Alt", the right one is "Alt Gr". The latter one is used to generate alternative symbols

The alt keys are basically mapped as Meta key on some systems, as alt on others, and on some systems, they don't even exist. As such, there's IMHO no rule to follow.
mruppAlt keys not the same20120825 20:53
I knew about that on Windows systems, where Alt Gr counts as Alt + Ctrl. On Amiga systems though I thought they behave the same when it comes to producing alternative characters. Try Notepad, an AmigaShell, an ASL-Requester, the 'Rename'-dialog or any other input-dialog: you can use either alt key + a to generate the character Ê, or +e for the euro symbol, as an example...

About the meta keys: you mean the amiga-keys, right?
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