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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Pick file on ImageShack portal are not showed
Version:4.0.1 RC1
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samo79ImageShack issue20120717 17:53
Mmm i just noted that the lenght of the textarea are too long than how it must be, and a Facebook adds still there, maybe the button is covered by the Facebook's adds and become invisible ??
tfrieden-20120728 12:43
Please try with RC2

Also, open the Error Console (Tools menu, or start with timberwolf -jsconsole) and see if there's any error when you load the page (first, clear the log by clicking clear in the Error Console window, then load ImagsShack and try to uload).
samo79Re: -20120819 14:10

Worked fine with latest version, it was only a problem with large font that hide the other contents, now using a "native" font all turn ok :-)
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