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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:Bad refresh on resizible subwindows
Version:4.0.1 Beta 4
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tfrieden-20120713 17:50
I have no problems with that here. Can you try again please ?
samo79Re: -20120713 20:52

Seems ok in RC1, altrough if you resize the window the content will not be resized according to the new window dimention so the entire content part will not be visible .. this is a general problem i think not only for this specific subwindow
tfriedenRe: -20120717 15:03

I have no such problems here, all subwindows are correctly re-sized, including their content.
samo79Re: -20120717 17:35

Well here an example:


As you can see i manually resized the prefs window starting from the right side of the window to the left, but even if resize works fine in general the text content will not follow the new window's dimension, so the text will be cutted .. i don't know if a "proper" solution exists but atleast you may try to limit a bit the resize functionality in order to more or less always show the entire content at any resize, many MUI or Reaction program do that so maybe a similar solution can be implemented even on Timberwolf .. of course it's not an high priority but still ..

BTW: On the prefs window showed on the same grab above you can note that the title on this window is completely missed, i try on my Windows PC Ú Firefox and the title on the top of the window is there, so maybe this is another little bug ?
tfriedenRe: -20120717 17:51

The prefs window is limited in what it can do. As you hinted yourself, there is no solution for this.

Regarding the window title, that isn't even under Timberwolf's control. The window title isn't changed on resize, and it's up to intuition to show it or not when it doesn't fit anymore. Comparing that to how Windows does it's rendering of window titlebars is irrelevant.

I also see that you have changed the theme to something else. Can you try with the default theme ?
samo79Re: -20120717 18:01

Of course the "not visible title" on this subwindow has nothing to do with the windows's resize issue nor with this specific report (sorry to mix them), but still the title are not showed at all even when the subwindow is normally open

I currently use the ImagoDespira theme (AmiboingLightUp_blue) and in general i didn't have any problem with other window's title, even Timberwolf .. i note this problem only now when i open this ticket and only with this specific subwindow

I will follow your suggestion to switch the theme aniway :-)
tfriedenRe: -20120727 17:49

Did you try with the default theme ? I still can't reproduce this
samo79Re: -20120727 18:39

Yes but the title still not showed


About previews post I have to correct myself, problem is not in prefs window (accessible clicking on "Option" in menu) but only on the information page (accessible clicking on the favicon)
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