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Title:Multi-purpose utility for Workbench
Created:20111110 08:03 by orgin
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Title:Pointer image doesn't change
Version:3.1 ... 3.2
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AlfredOne3.2.2 is ok20120513 14:50
OK! Mouse pointer changes state now.

I have a question.

When the pointer goes out of Jack Panel limits, pointer hold the last Jack state, even if it is moving on the workbench. i suppose because jack is owning the focus until you click another window.

At the same time, when focus is on the workbench and move the pointer into Jack Panel, you have to click once to start seeing Jack Pointer state.
This is the standard behaviour of windows in AmigaOS, but i think it's not so intuitive because Jack Panel looks more like a WB component than a window with his own focus.
I think would be useful if the focus state of Jack Panel were more visible.

A more intuitive behavior could be acquiring focus when pointer goes into Jack Panel area and releasing focus when pointer goes out of Jack Panel.
I know , the commodity AutoPoint should do that, but it work only in pointer goes out of jack panel.

Thank you.

AlfredOneStartup problems20120519 13:25
Little update to my comment.

The pointer image changes only if the mouse pointer is already into the area where "Jack panel" is going to appear , at the first launch on startup.

If i launch Jack but the mouse is far from "Jack panel" when it appears, mouse will never change its image and clicks on Jack's buttons will be ignored.

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