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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Status:In ProgressStatus Comment:
Title:CPU -Load is always at 100%
Version:beta 3
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tfrieden-20120711 14:52
The release version does not contain any debug code
sinangurkanCPU 100% load TW-RC1 on Sam46020120716 20:15
Tfrieden wrote this on Amigans.net

"By the way, regarding the 100 % CPU usage.

I made a test here with a simple start of timberwolf (no arguments) showing the about:home page.

I see an initial CPU load of 100 %, which goes down to 3 % after a while. It then periodically rises again to 100 % for a few seconds, before going down to 3 % again.

During those 100 % times, i see a lot of disk activity. In fact, it's mainly accesses to sqlite databases that seem to cause the high load.

Can someone please check this/verify this ?"

I tried running TW-RC1 on Sam460 running OS4.1 Beta (UserProfile in SFS partition, TW exe and data files in JXFS partition.

CPU is always 100% percent, it never goes down..

Could it be some CPU related thing ?
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