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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:ClosedStatus Comment:Fixed in 3.7
Title:OWB failed on some dynamic effect ?
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joergOWB failed on some dynamic effect ?20090215 02:10
It's working exactely the same way with OWB 3.6 here as with FireFox.
If you are using a SAM440ep try if it works correctly with OWB 3.5.
samo79OWB20090216 03:09
Yes OWB was running on Sam with AmigaOS 4.1, but a friend of mine send me that report, here sadly I don't have any OS4 machine to try it yet...
He try also some Blastoise 1.24 on the same machine but no luck, exactly the same problem :-/

So also the "photo-container" and the arrows to move the photos on it are working on you ?

joergOWB failed on some dynamic effect ?20090216 19:03
So also the "photo-container" and the arrows to move the photos on it are working on you ?
With OWB 3.6 on my A1 I get exactly the same as or example with FireFox: I can move the thumbnails left/right by clicking on the arrows, but there seems to be nothing else like showing large images.
But I only tested it on the A1, not on the SAM440 yet. On the SAM OWB, especially version 3.6, seems to have a lot of problems which don't happen on other systems.
samo79OWB20090217 23:15
Mmmm it's strange, aniway if you need I can send you a grab :-)
I want ask my friend to try other OWB's release to be able to catch from when started this problem, maybe it's helpful for you.

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