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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:FixedStatus Comment:fixed in rc2
Title:program fonts too large
Version:beta 3
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samo79Fonts20120416 04:33
Yep this one is "urgent" for me aswell expecially now that we have such big fonts (nice but too big and a bit "alien" compared to the system fonts)

Would be fantastic if TW can be able to use the default AmigaOS's fonts according to the fonts choosed by the user on SYS:Prefs
djrikkiRe: Fonts20120418 20:01

Whereas I on the other hand think that the fonts are perfectly sized. What screen resolution do you run atm?

I use 1920x1080- I have noticed through my time with Amiga in the last year or so that a lot of users use absurdly low screen resolutions which begin with 1024 wide.
samo79Re: Fonts20120419 07:53

I'm using a 1680*1050 resolution so a decent one ..
IMHO the real problem is that the current font used in the TW GUI are not in according to the rest of the system (particularry in size but also as font used) so in general i think it could be better to use system fonts instead.

At the end all will be more elegant and "integrated" with the running system above :-)
tfrieden-20120702 16:20
Using system fonts is not possible, it needs to retain the font rendering that it currently does. I'll see that it can be adapted to use the fonts used for the system as long as they are true-type fonts, if not, it might at least be able to use the font size of the system font.
tfriedenRe: -20120718 18:54
RC2 will adapt the font size and style to the one of the system default font now. Matching the exact font does not work, but the current user interface now looks as much as the system programs as possible.
samo79Re: -20120718 19:42

Great !!

Any grab possible ? Just as a sort of teaser while we wait .. :-P
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