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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:FixedStatus Comment:fixed in rc2
Title:State of GUI elements not being updated until change tab
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ChrisHSeverity20120413 19:31
I'm now thinking the Severity should actually be "Medium", since it could cause problems for a lot of users (who don't realise that changing tabs will work-around the problem).
xenicGUI state update problem confirmed20120418 01:26
I've confirmed this problem in a slightly different way. If you open a new tab and visit a WEB site and click a link on that page, the "Go back one page" button is inactive and doesn't take you back to the main page. If you switch to a different tab and back again, the "Go back one page" button is active and works.
ggwRe: Severity20120429 22:09

This also happens (in no other browser) when I am creating this very text! It happens without warning. I haven't detected any correlation to other events going on.

Indeed, when I open timberwolf my very first action is to create a 2nd tab whose sole purpose is for me to click when the *hang* happens.

tfrieden-20120702 15:47
Please try again with latest beta, for me, it works now while it did not work before
tfrieden-20120704 12:56
Can reproduce it now
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