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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Status:OpenStatus Comment:
Title:Language packs does not work
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tfrieden- 20120413 14:04
No offense, but how do you know that it's a bug ?

The fact that there are separate Linux and Windows version of the language packs should give you an indication that there is some system dependencies in it. How then can you assume that if it doesn't work it's a bug in Timberwolf and not a system specific ? For example, the addon might check the system type and refuse to install on anything but the system it is intended for.
samo79Re: - 20120413 16:40

Yep infact in my report i wrote also:

"TW will stay in english language so still to understand if TW under AmigaOS is compatible with that specific extension created for the Windows/Linux Firefox's version or ... it's all caused by a bug somewhere"

Maybe it's just an incompatibility issue between the system, however i tried also with a pack file that was marked as "100% compatible with Firefox 4.0.1 for Win/Linux/Mac" but result doesn't changed

Maybe we need to recreate/update a specific pack language file that can work under Timberwolf/OS4 aswell .. then we may change this "bug report" to a "feature request" :-)
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