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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
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Title:Write text in Central Europe keymap
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tfrieden-20120329 13:41
How are those characters entered ? Via Control/Alt combinations ? Or accented dead keys ?
MufaWrite text in Central Europe keymap20120329 23:09
alt+e, o, a, l, z, x, c, n
vultureRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120330 11:00
I suppose that's the same as greek characters, should I open another bug case?
tfriedenRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120403 14:08

No need for a new bug, this is related to keyboard input. Generally, Timberwolf/Firefox treats ALT as an accelerator key.

You might want to try if it works on a USB keyboard if you press the right (Alt Gr) key.
kickoRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120413 21:35
no comment
VarthallRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120427 08:27

I have a Slovenian keyboard, and I have a similar problem with some keys. My keyboard is an USB Logitech K120 one, used on an AmigaOne XE with OS 4.1 update 4, using Timberwolf beta 3. This is my keyboard's layout:


The keys that are not working (i.e. print a different character) are:
- all the letters with carons (Č, Ć, Åœ, Å  and Đ), which have their dedicated keys,
- the umlaut dead key + a, o and u
- (the worst case) the "c" (print a french c-cedilla) and the "space" keys (prints a character similar to the comma).

Because of the problems with the "c" and the "space" keys it is not possible to use Timberwolf at all on my system.
I have seen this problem also on both the first Timberwolf alfa and the first beta version. Changing the system's locale via Workbench/Prefs to english doesn't fix the problem. I have tried installing and configuring KeySnail to remap those keys but I couldn't find a way to do it.

Please let me know if you need the codes of the not-working keys (I believe there's a program on os4depot which returns the hex code of each key you press, it might be MMKeyboard).
tfriedenRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120704 17:15

How are these characters created ? Via dead keys. i.e. press ' and then e to get é or similar ?
VarthallRe: Write text in Central Europe keymap20120713 17:59


sorry, I have only now seen that my URL doesn't automatically jump to the section of the Wiki page with my layout. Here's a direct link to it:


As you can see, the umlauts are made using a dead key (top left corner), while the č, Å¡, đ, ć and ÅŸ letters with carons have each one a dedicated key and are typed with a single keystroke, and they are grouped near the return key; on a e.g. german keyboard, that's where the vowels with umlauts are placed.

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