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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
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Title:"Save Page As" do nothing
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xenicWorks for me.20120418 01:48
When I selected "Save Page As" item in the Files menu, a requester opened and the page was saved after I entered a destination directory and clicked O.K. An empty download window opened which didn't seem to serve any purpose.
samo79Re: Works for me.20120419 07:55

Same here ..
tfrieden-20120702 13:31
Regardless of the empty download window, does it actually save something ? Because I just tried, and for me, the whole page was saved, html and all images, style sheets and all. So for me, it works, I can not reproduce it.

The download window now showing downloads is something different...
samo79Re: -20120703 09:54

Same here, i try to save a page with the "Save page as" option (an Amigaworld.net page) and all goes well when i try on my "Work:" partition, just the download window will be open automatically but it still empty even after the download completation, but yes the page will be downloaded fine
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