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Title:The firefox based web browser
Created:20120328 13:57 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:FixedStatus Comment:fixed in rc1
Title:F11 (swith to fullscreen) do not swith to full-screen.
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tfrieden-20120328 22:55
Yes, this is on my list of things to do already, as well as iconifying the window if
kas1eRe: -20120329 20:08
Just to add: maybe will be even better to do "clone WB on new screen" ? I.e. open a new amiga screen with the same size/depth as current WB (so no flickering of monitor will happens beetwen different resolutions), and when user press f11 again, then close that screen and jump FF back on WB screen.

That even can be in the Tooltypes, like:


where 1 = new native screen, 0 = just resizing to the whole screen size on current wb screen.

samo79Re: -20120331 18:48
About the F11 key the first Timbewolf 3.5 was ok, aka fullscreen worked perfectly

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