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Title:MPlayer with MUI-GUI
Created:20111031 13:32 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:fixed
Title:Iconify broken if selected from menu
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kas1eiconify20140404 08:00
That one done by Fab originally like this (tested morphos version right now it is the same for non-embedded output). There even code, which says "if we in embedded mode, then iconify as usual, if not, then just hide window". Dunno why there needs to hide window (as control is loosing) and even put that "hide" on iconify menu item (probably there should be another item called Hide or something). But i think its all done like this for reasons which we don't see as we didn't have embedded outputs.

In meantime i just do the same iconify as it happens from gadget for our port, so it all will be same for both iconifies and comment out hiding of window.
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