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Title:MPlayer with MUI-GUI
Created:20111031 13:32 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:fixed
Title:Crash during 3gp playback
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kas1e3gp crash20111102 13:46

Did it crashes on every 3gp video or only some of them ? Did old mplayer from Andreas crashes the same, or its only about muimplayer ? If not every 3gp video are crashes, upload example video somethere (and make it as small as possible, just to reproduce the problem).
samo79Re: 3gp crash20111104 15:33

Mmm i will search one that will crash then i will send you as a test
Not all 3gp are crashing but i note with this type of file there are more crash than any other format

I note also that there are more crash if you try to open a file directly from a CD/DVD rathen that from a locale device (hard disk)
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