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Title:Network browser based on WebKit core with GUI based on MUI.
Created:20110905 17:54 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:ClosedStatus Comment:Kind of fixed, see comment
Title:Conflicting port names
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kas1eodyssey arexx20131213 08:07
In end of all it turns that we can't change owb port on odyssey port, there is relevant answer from fab about:

No, i won't change it. MorphOS is preconfigured to use this rexx port, and it would only cause trouble to change it now, since user settings are kept (as they should) when updating the OS. Besides, some released third party scripts and many users custom configs refer to OWB port as well. That's just not possible.

So changing it now will only make problems, and as Joerg's reaction based OWB port is no more in develop, we can go the way xenic suggest:

I have resolved the ARexx port issue on my system with a little HEX editing. Since RA-OWB will not be further developed, I HEX edited the ARexx port name to "RWB".

You can do the same (at your own risk) by searching for HEX "004f574200" in RA-OWB 3.31 or "504f574200" in RA-OWB 3.32 with a Hex editor like FileX and changing the O (hex 47) to R (hex 52). Make sure you back up RA-OWB before doing any hex editing and check that the port name was changed in the edited RA-OWB with Ranger-Exec-Ports.

If you make the above edit, you will need to change your OpenURL &/or URLOpen prefs to match the new port name.
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