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Title:Network browser based on WebKit core with GUI based on MUI.
Created:20110905 17:54 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:fixed in mui, thanks to Thore
Title:DSI when saving a picure to local HD
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kas1eplease, fully reproducable bugs20110918 17:13
If you want to be sure that bug will be fixed, plz, make detailed reports. Not like "i saving couple of images", but just steps how to reproduce it, and better if it will be always reproducable, then chances to fix it are high.

So, you need just reboot machines (swith off for a while), then run muiowb (alone, without other programms), and then make a reproducable test case.
samo79Re: please, fully reproducable bugs20110918 20:45

You are right Roman but with this one i don't think we need a detailed report, how to reproduce etc .. well to be honest i think it's quite unreproducible with a simple test when you can say: "Do exact it and you will see"

It's quite random but always happen, just go to Aminet and start to download 5 or 6 files ...
noelfullerI can get it every time on the following page:20110922 07:57

click on an image to enlarge it (slow but wait), save as to disk, close enlargement, select another and do the same. A DSI error will follow, rendering will become impossibly slow, the browser effectively unusable.

I wound up looking at these pages with muiOWB but saving images with ibrowse. Otherwise on many other sites I've happily saved images from muiOWB without any sign of this problem.


I have since experienced the 2nd image DSI while starting to view and save an image series in the Guardian, UK (They have many series):eg


In this case rendering was not affected, scroll wheel worked fine but not so well the scroll bar. The problem only happens once in a session and is correctly described as minor. Not so the result on the Climatecommunication.org site which I would call major.
kas1eRe: I can get it every time on the following page:20111102 13:49
Who have problems with it, please, check if changing in the mui List/horisontal scrollbars from "automatic" to NEVER fix the issue.
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