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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:Fixed in 3.16
Title:Adding Bugs in Sourceforge don't work
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joergAdding Bugs in Sourceforge don't work20081129 04:09
Does sourceforge.net have a test project for testing such things?
If not I can't check it.
RazielTest Tracker20081129 20:29
Sure there is
RazielRe: Adding Bugs in Sourceforge don't work20090417 17:30

Well, is there some kind of debug version of OWB, which i could use to try to add a bug to a sourceforge project? So that i can send you the output to give you at least some feedback...

The problem is persistant, iÂīm afraid, even with 3.10
joergRe: Adding Bugs in Sourceforge don't work20090418 20:25
It's very likely cookies related.
Did you test it with OWB version 3.8? That was the only version which uses the OWB Cookie Manager instead of the Curl workaround, for example sending mails in GMail only works with 3.8 as well, but it has too much problems on other sites and I had to disable it again.
RazielRe: Adding Bugs in Sourceforge don't work20090419 20:56

Actually i did

I am not sure about the version, but it could have very likely been 3.8 that
made it work.
But only for one or two tries iirc, the other times it again presented me with
a blank page, so i would say, yes, it could be the cookie problem you described.

Hmm, are you (or the devs) work on the problem or already know about the reason
why it wont work?

Thanks for the info and the great work on OWB so far

Hope you will find the time to implement some of the Suggestions/Feature
Requests some time ;-)

Keep up the awesome work joerg
RazielIt "seems" to work now - checking needed20090707 08:51
I just created successfully an item on the updated Sourceforge.net PATCH tracker.
I haven't tested with the bug tracker yet, but it seems Sourceforge changed something
in the cookie (or somewhere else) code and it's working now.

Can anyone confirm?
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