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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
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Status:ClosedStatus Comment:
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joergRe: WebInspector20100610 22:34
Enabling the WebInspector would make the OWB executable larger.
samo79Re: WebInspector20100611 02:14

So ehm ... where is the problem ? it's a very usefull things for web developers (as me) ehm ..
joergRe: WebInspector20100611 02:54

So ehm ... where is the problem ?
Enabling features like the SVG support or the WebInspector which make the OWB executable larger, or need more RAM for another reason, make it even less usable on classic Amigas with only 256 MB RAM (A1200) or even only 128 MB RAM (A4000).

AmigaOS 4.1 users, at least everyone with at least 512 MB RAM, can use a web browser instead of OWB now, even if it's just an alpha version.
samo79Re: WebInspector20100611 03:17

Well I exactly understand what you try to explain, but I really don't understand your point of view on this, why we must sacrify 90 or more % of AmigaOS4 users leaving more or less all decent features just to support a few "museum-machines" like classic ... a majority of us (and maybe also a lot of classic user) have an NG machine ...

If you want to support classic you can always release 2 diff version, one without anythings and another one with somethings, I know time issue... well you can finally drop the classic support releasing this version as last or similar (OWB 3.28 is already quite stable for browsing web) ... how many classic are out there ?

10, 20, 50 ? ... don't know but a few ..

Firefox is out ok, but it's unsable and maybe it will continue to be unusable for months, also competition is always a good things, if you make some feature on it (I don't say too mutch, just somethings!) it can compete with FF without any problems ... see the mainstream world, they have a lot of alternative on their computer and a lot of user drop Firefox to join to WebKit core ....

Don't know maybe i'm mad ? .. :-/
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