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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:Fixed in 3.29
Title:Three gmail issues
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joergRe: Three gmail issues20100603 18:55
1) Progress bar never finished on gmail.com
Like on any other browser it does if you wait long enough.

2) Cannot paste anything in the message body field, but copy works (into clipboard, cannot re-paste into message body field).
Works here.

3) Click the red stop button while composing an email, then click "Buzz" on the left and let Buzz load up. Stop button is greyed out will not light up.
If you abort loading GMail you can't expect it to work correctly.
MickJTRe: Three gmail issues20100603 20:49

TiredOf from aw.net/amigans can't paste into it either.

It won't paste from the clipboard. If you select text you have written in the richtext form, then right-click and copy, then you can right-click and paste..

But you cannot ramiga+c from a shell window and ramiga+v into the rich text form.

Summary. Anything you copy, is copied to the clipboard, but OWB doesn't read from the clipboard when you paste into the rich text form. It only reads from memory anything you've copied from the richtext form using "copy" from the right-click menu. The amiga copy/paste shortcuts do not work properly. It ends up pasting other things or nothing at all.

Example, copy something from a shell window, then try to paste it into the richtext form. (Don't be in plaintext mode).

As for point "3".. Fair enough. As for point 1, it never finishes loading.. ever. 15 minutes long enough?

Edit: Hmm.. OK this time it did eventually finish loading.
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