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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Owner:Not assigned
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:ClosedStatus Comment:
Title:PASTE gone in URL and search field
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MichaelMerkelmiddle mouse button - open new tab20100426 19:26
great!! finally.

only one thing is not nice - the tabs open in foreground instead of in background like when selected "open in new tab" from the context menu. maybe a new tooltype which lets the user decide if new tabs open in fore or background?

thanks and regards...
RazielRe: middle mouse button - open new tab20100426 20:09

What exactly has this comment to do with the bug report?
joergRe: PASTE gone in URL and search field20100502 05:00
Copy&Paste used to work in the URL and search field through the use of the right mouse button menu.
Only because I didn't notice that this new string.gadget "feature" is enabled by default and has to be disabled for each string gadget when creating it.

Could you please reimplement it?
No. It makes no sense (by abusing the right mouse button for it's menu it makes the window menus unaccessable when a string gadget is active, unfortunately disabling it doesn't fix that bug, and to use it you'd have to activate a string gadget with the left mouse button, use the right mouse button to select a menu item and then activate the string gadget with the left mouse button again) and it doesn't work here in OWB but crashes most of the time, maybe it only works in ReAction GUIs.
samo79Re: PASTE gone in URL and search field20100502 18:36

I have to disagree on it, i'm not argue about technical issue but having a copy&paste feature into the searchbar/google-search are very very usefull, surely better and more user friendly than use always the keyboard ...

So if I can expess an opinion I will vote 100% to reimplement it :-)
samo79Re: PASTE gone in URL and search field20100502 22:34
Aniway you can almost re-add it on Find and "google-search" toolbar, there's no StringView there ... altrough if you can reuse it for all part would be better ... :-)

samo79Re: PASTE gone in URL and search field20100503 22:36
Also pasting a text into the search using the option in WB menu doesn't seems to work.

That force me to use the keyboard for all the various operation, both copy and past, this is just another reason that force me to ask you to re-implement the RMB support over the various toolbars :-))

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