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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Owner:Not assigned
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:FixedStatus Comment:
Title:OWB crashing on resizing window (for a while)
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padrinocrash gui.prefs20100815 16:58
Ok, I can even make OWB crash without any page loaded. Just resizing on a clean OS4.1 Update 2 system.
If you like to try you can load my gui.prefs at http://cattaneo.de/t/gui.prefs
Those are from my regular system. I removed references to image files etc. so there should no "path warning" or similar.
Loading this with the clean 4.1 I can make crash OWB within 5 to 15 seconds.
Just resize the window around for a while and everything will freeze.
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