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Title:CodeBench - Development Management Environment
Created:20090213 13:59 by Rigo
 Issue details
Status:In ProgressStatus Comment:
Title:Gream Reaper when trying to open an empty file
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Olrickadditional infos20091107 01:08
Oups, I forgot to indicate complete version infos:
OS: 4.1 on Sam440,

chooser.gadget 53.1
clicktab.gadget 53.4
listbrowser.gadget 53.6
radiobutton.gadget 52.2
window.class 53.2
clipboard.device 52.1

Note: Putting just one space char in the file avoids the meditation.
RigoGream Reaper when trying to open an empty file20100117 19:59
Please retest with 0.9, there have been many many bugfixes, so it's highly likely this one has been fixed during those works.
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