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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:Closed FixedStatus Comment:Fixed in 3.22
Title:Gate2home (http://gate2home.com/) doesn't work as expected
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joergGate2home (http://gate2home.com/) doesn't work as expected20091017 03:21
No idea about they keyboard input problem yet, but to copy as UTF-8 you have to use the Edit/Copy menu of OWB.
Because there is way too much AmigaOS software which doesn't support UTF-8, or even charsets at all, in the clipboard yet I changed the default for the <RAmiga><C> shortcut to copy the text in the 8 bit charset selected by locale prefs instead, which works all AmigaOS programs but makes it impossible to copy/paste text which includes chars which aren't in this 8 bit charset.
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