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Name:owb pukapuka
Title:Origyn Web Browser, webkit, CSS capable
Created:20080831 19:05 by orgin
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Status:ClosedStatus Comment:
Title:Copy&Paste doesn't respect/work with Umlauts
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joergCopy&Paste doesn't respect/work with Umlauts20090607 08:12
It's clearly a problem of OWB, because doing the same from Shell or Notepad works
It's not, copy&paste works correctly in OWB. To be able to work with any charset OWB has to use UTF-8 encoding for the clipboard texts and except for OWB there is just next to no AmigaOS software yet which supports charsets in clipboard texts.

To paste something into software which doesn't support UTF-8 clipboard texts, incl. the BOOPSI string gadgets used by OWB, you have to use "Copy as ISO-8859-15" instead of "Copy".
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