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Title:FTPMount - mount ftp sites as regular directories
Created:20090430 10:42 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:OpenStatus Comment:
Title:ftpmount mkdir crash
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abalabanWhat should be the right action do this ?20090515 11:29
You are right this should not crash, however what should FTPMount do exactly ?
What did the user meant by trying to create a directory in FTP: ? Should FTPMount try to connect to an host named as the directory which is tried to be created ?
orginRe: What should be the right action do this ?20090515 12:11

It should just display a warning and then do nothing I think.

edit: Or alternatively automatically create, but not connect to, a new predefined ftp site. "mkdir ftp.banana.com" adds a new "ftp.banana.com.info"
abalabanRe: What should be the right action do this ?20090517 01:02

It's difficult because the handler has absolutely zero knowledge about the command being invoked : everything is translated into DOS packet sometimes the translation is straight forward : 1 command -> 1 DOS packet but this is generaly not the case, for example makedir (and I'm not speaking about Unix's mkdir) is at least first trying to lock the dir (to check its existance I guess) then it creates it, so the handler receives in this case at least two packets : ACTION_LOCATE_OBJECT and ACTION_CREATE_DIR.

About the automatic creation of icons I'm not sure I have reworked default values to be able to add (later) a preference program to configure this.
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