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Title:Universal Bootloader
Created:20080927 10:30 by orgin
 Issue details
Status:NewStatus Comment:
Title:PCI-Express bridge/switch scanning
Version:1.1.1 March 2005
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billtbridge on bridge20090505 21:48
This may be a bridge on bridge issue, as a PCI-Express switch should appear as a bridge to software such as uboot.

A1XE <-> PEX8111 bridge <-> PEX8618 switch(bridge) <-> SiI3132, Realtek 8111b, Jmicron JMB363, PCIe graphics, etc.

This is with the 8111 plugged into a PCI-33MHz slot on the A1XE. I have not tried with the 66MHz PCI slot.
hansThis is a general cascading PCI-to-PCI bridge issue20090613 08:07
I just tried plugging in a Radeon HD 2400 card into the 66 MHz PCI slot on the A1-XE. The 66 MHz PCI slot is behind a bridge already, so as a result the HD 2400 chipset is behind two cascaded bridges, i.e.:

CPU <-> Artica-S PCI-PCI bridge (66 MHz) <-> PLX PCI-PCIe bridge <-> RV610 chipset (Radeon HD 2400 pro)

Ranger shows that UBoot detects the PLX bridge chip, but then initializes it as if it were a card (even gives it an IRQ line); it never detects the presence of the RV610 chipset.
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